EP Review: 5 Day Mischon

This is a rather lovely way to start April.  J-Dilla inspired bedroom producer and all-round musical prodigy, Tom Misch, is too kind to his fans; rather than letting them wait it out for his new album, the London-based artist has released an EP to enjoy in the meantime, based on 5 days of productive music-making with a different collaboration for each day.

The ‘5 Day Mischon’ starts with ‘Ephemeral’, featuring the equally ephemeral vocals of Carmody.  It’s a strong opener; Misch’s groovy guitar interspersing with a surprisingly ravy production.

Track 2, ‘Feeling’, sees Misch collaborating with Lewisham MC and previous BBC sound-of long-lister, Novelist, as he raps words of wisdom over paired back hip-hop beats.

All round cool guy, Will Heard, meanwhile, lends his soulful voice to the vibey ‘When You Want to Love’ and new name Kaidi Akinnibi grooves it out on sax on ‘Everybody Get Down’.

‘For Carol’ closes the project on a beautiful note, merging the transportative harmonies of violinist, Tobie Tripp, with Misch’s romantic guitar – a quieter contrast to the rest of the project, marking Misch’s versatility as a musician and producer.

Merging everything from hip-hop, modern classical and R&B, The ‘5 Day Mischon’ is a pretty impressive outcome for 5 day’s work.  Misch can be heard speaking on the outro to ‘When You Want to Love’ of how the project was really about getting back to his roots as an artist – doing what he does best: making beats and working with others.  That formula has definitely worked here for Misch, resulting in an even fresher and more varied sound for fans to enjoy in preparation for his much-awaited new album.


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