Introducing: Will Joseph Cook

This is one artist you’ll definitely want on your summer playlist.

Hailing from Tunbridge Wells, Will Joseph Cook’s years of honing his carefree indie-pop sound on the Kent gig circuit have paid off: today marks the release of his debut album, Sweet Dreamer.

Mastering a distinct falsetto vocal, catchy la-la-la hooks and a knack for a good chorus, he mainly deals in upbeat songs about girls and youthful hedonism – an ideal mix for festival singalongs this summer (he’s playing Brighton’s The Great Escape and The Secret Garden Party, amongst others).

WJC worked with the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman for production duties on his assured debut record, combining throwback pop on ‘Treat Me Like a Lover’ with obvious stylistic references to indie greats, Vampire Weekend, in the verses to ‘Take Me Dancing’.  Every song is a bit of a winner: at once sounding like your indie album of yesterday, but still very 2017, WJC being the sort of guy who says ‘maybe later we can parler’, comically dressed in drag for the video to ‘Girls Like Me’.

Will Joseph Cook’s music is the sort that will instantly sort you out on a bad day; give any of his singles a listen, and you’ll be soon be smiling and moving like a regular Sweet Dreamer.





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