Songs of the moment: 17th of January

Jorja Smith ft. Stormzy – Let Me Down

This year’s winner of the Brit’s critics’ choice award, Jorja Smith, has teamed up with the UK’s favourite MC, Stormzy, on this downbeat, sultry number.  Hailing from Walsall, Smith’s soulful vocals and songwriting ability have earned her a prodigious rise to success, including a feature on Drake’s ‘One Life’ mixtape.  Her latest single explores the the painful side of love through melancholic piano chords, haunting high notes, and a softer delivery from Stormzy.

Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – Finesse

“We out here drippin’ in finesse.  It don’t make no sense”.  Meet the new ‘Uptown Funk’, people.  Bruno Mars is officially the king of old-school cool, mixing 90s throwback with a rather fabulous contribution from American no.1 rapper, Cardi B.  He’s also managed to put together one of the best videos of the year (so far), featuring some impeccable choreography that will make you want to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Air all over again.

The Vaccines – I Can’t Quit

Yes!  One of the UK’s finest indie bands, The Vaccines, are back with their soon-to-be released fourth studio album, ‘Combat Sports’.  ‘I Can’t Quit’, their first new single, has all of their typical English sarcasm and the traditional rock ‘n’ roll sound that first got them attention.  This time, though, they have two new band members.

Charli XCX ft. Tove Lo and ALMA – Out of My Head

Alternative pop’s it-girl, Charli XCX, seems to have very good taste.  In addition to writing first-class pop songs like ‘Boom Clap’ or directing viral sensation ‘Boys’, she knows how to pick a good collab.  On ‘Out of My Head’, Scandi superstars Tove Lo and ALMA merge seamlessly with XCX’s vocal, whilst standing out individually and bringing it in equal measure.  The irony is the ‘get out of my head’ hook is so good it only does the opposite.

Donae’o ft. Ghetts and Shakka – Bingo 

‘Man ah wear black’ creator, Donae’o, has brought his unmistakable production to new tune ‘Bingo’, featuring two of the finest artists in the UK Grime scene at present, Shakka and Ghetts. After paving away at music for years, Donae’o is now finally receiving recognition for his talents and landed a major record deal at Island Records in 2016.  ‘Bingo’ features on his latest album, ‘Sixteen’.  ‘Tis, quite simply, a tune.


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