The Joys of Jimothy Lacoste

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the one and only Jimothy Lacoste: a chino-wearing, self-confessed London Underground fan, whose signature dance moves and quirky wit have got the Internet buzzing.

Lacoste, real name Timothy Gonzales, hails from North London and has become something of a legend in the DIY bedroom-music scene.  So far, his back catalogue comprises of five singles, each accompanied with humorous videos featuring mad stunts on public transport and a sort of posh boy meets Wolf of Wall Street style.

He cuts an endearing, ironic figure, mixing traditional rap boasts of wealth and girls with everyday observations and wise advice – don’t do drugs (“Xannies are the number one thing I hate”) and eat well (“It’s amazing how good you feel / When you’ve got a schedule and you’re eating healthy meals”).  What’s more, Jimothy Lacoste has sick language skills, as demonstrated in his latest song, “I Can Speak Spanish”, inspired by a childhood spent in the Basque Country.  

With chat-up lines like “Girl, I see you in your Converse / But baby come and converse” and dreams of “Shopping at Waitrose nearly every day”, it’s hard not to like Jimothy Lacoste.  On the surface, his meme-able dance moves and “Life is getting quite exciting” catchphrase have made the 20-something outsider into a viral sensation.  But Lacoste’s Ipad instrumentals belie his ability as an astute social observer, capable of seeing through British awkwardness on his track “Subway System”.  Herein lies the wider appeal of Jimothy Lacoste – a humorous, calming presence for an insecure and seemingly anxiety-ridden millennial generation.

Photo credit: See Tickets


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