Introducing: Biig Piig

If you’re fully embracing festive hibernation this year, the lo-fi, silky sounds of Biig Piig are the perfect musical accompaniment for getting cosy.

The Irish, London-based singer possesses a husky, singular voice and a lyrical maturity that belies her 21 years.  Part of the uber trendy nine8 collective, Biig Piig’s music is firmly rooted in soultronic, J-Dilla inspired beats, courtesy of nine8 producer Mac Wetha, and her own mellow, poetic flow.

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Biig Piig’s journey into music came from an international upbringing; as her family moved around from Ireland, to Spain and then to London, song-writing helped her to find a fixed identity.  Teenage years in London were spent developing her spoken word style of singing at open-mics, centering the artist when she left school early to pursue romance and a myriad of jobs.

A trilogy of EPs have lead to a now fully-formed DIY icon, recognisable for her distinctive pigtail hair-do and interchangeable rapping in Spanish and English.  ‘Big Fan of the Sesh, Vol.1’, ‘A World Without Snooze, Vol.2’ and ‘No Place for Patience, Vol.3’ document the fragilities of first-love, mixing up crackling saxophone with Biig Piig’s dexterous musings. Each volume comes with sleek visuals, produced with the rest of the nine8 collective, that tell the story of Jess Smyth’s formative musical years with a fitting retro-elegance.

Latest single, ‘Roses and Gold’, is Biig Piig at her best to date: a warm, fuzzy offering of breathy vocals and old-school production.  “The watch ticks / know I face the facts / and even so, although the pressure’s potent / the only thing I stress on’s if you’ll text me back” – she gently spits over building beats, detailing the pain of romantic longing in 2019 like a true old-soul.

That, really, is the epitome of Biig Piig: her sonics may be as zeitgeisty as they come, but there’s no doubt that she’s a timeless wordsmith, and a born storyteller.



photo cred: soundcloud, YouTube







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