Album review: ‘Toast to our Differences’ by Rudimental

    Three albums deep and Rudimental are just as electric and diverse as ever.  ‘Toast to our Differences’ is their most political record yet, drawing upon our polarized times.  “Hey, I wanna live in a leaderless world” is the album’s opening line, sung by new-comer Shungudzo, while Kojey Radical challenges the government’s action on Grenfell and youth crime on ‘No Pain’.  Reggae obviously has … Continue reading Album review: ‘Toast to our Differences’ by Rudimental

Album review: ‘Saturn’ by Nao

If I could have one superpower, I think it would be to sing like Nao.  Give the opening track of her new album, ‘Saturn’, a listen and you’ll understand why.  Within the first seconds of ‘Another Lifetime’, the East London musician manages to combine tender longing and angelic breathiness in one fell swoop, before crescendo-ing to a belting chorus of nimble vocal runs and heart-felt … Continue reading Album review: ‘Saturn’ by Nao

Album review: ‘Zanaka’ by Jain

The entente-cordiale between France and England has often been sustained by musical exports – in particular, French female artists, whose songs frequently manage to charm us brits, as in fashion, with their particular mix of elegance and quirkiness.  In recent years, we listened to the mysterious Cuban-France harmonies of twin-duo Ibeyi, whose song ‘Stranger / Lover’ was masterfully remixed by English producer Mura Masa.  Then, the androgynous … Continue reading Album review: ‘Zanaka’ by Jain

EP Review: 5 Day Mischon

This is a rather lovely way to start April.  J-Dilla inspired bedroom producer and all-round musical prodigy, Tom Misch, is too kind to his fans; rather than letting them wait it out for his new album, the London-based artist has released an EP to enjoy in the meantime, based on 5 days of productive music-making with a different collaboration for each day. The ‘5 Day … Continue reading EP Review: 5 Day Mischon

Album review: ‘Different Creatures’ by Circa Waves

Liverpool 4-piece Circa Waves are back with their second album, ‘Different Creatures’, and in their latest press photos, the band look rather moody, all bathed in red light and black leather-clad.  The stylistic rebellion carries on musically: if their indie-debut, ‘Young Chasers’, was a carefree soundtrack to the joys and anxieties of youth, ‘Different Creatures’ is its harder hitting cousin – an altogether rockier and … Continue reading Album review: ‘Different Creatures’ by Circa Waves

Album review: ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ by Loyle Carner

Whilst 2016 was the year that UK grime firmly hit the mainstream, both here and overseas, UK hip-hop has always seemed to lag considerably behind its American counterparts.    This, however, may all be about to change thanks to the British rapper Loyle Carner.  The Croydon MC’s poetic lyricism and old-school sound has been attracting a growing fan-base of late, selling out London venues and even … Continue reading Album review: ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ by Loyle Carner