Introducing: Biig Piig

If you’re fully embracing festive hibernation this year, the lo-fi, silky sounds of Biig Piig are the perfect musical accompaniment for getting cosy. The Irish, London-based singer possesses a husky, singular voice and a lyrical maturity that belies her 21 years.  Part of the uber trendy nine8 collective, Biig Piig’s music is firmly rooted in soultronic, J-Dilla inspired beats, courtesy of nine8 producer Mac Wetha, … Continue reading Introducing: Biig Piig

Introducing: Don Patricio

It’s December, it’s cold and everyone seems to be either broke or in bed with the flu. Fear not, we have a remedy! If you’re longing for the return of summer, but can’t exactly afford a beach holiday right now, it’s time to listen to Don Patricio. Who is this man, I hear you ask? Well, he’s basically Spain’s answer to Jimothy Lacoste. Think eccentric … Continue reading Introducing: Don Patricio

Introducing: Miraa May

#Hot girl summer may be over, but Miraa May is one artist who will have you channelling the sass all through September. The self-titled ‘Tottenham songbird’ is a brazen and brilliant new talent – the musical equivalent of that friend who is always on hand with no-nonsense advice and a dirty laugh. Miraa first burst onto the scene in 2016 with her EP ‘N15’.  A … Continue reading Introducing: Miraa May

Album review: ‘Saturn’ by Nao

If I could have one superpower, I think it would be to sing like Nao.  Give the opening track of her new album, ‘Saturn’, a listen and you’ll understand why.  Within the first seconds of ‘Another Lifetime’, the East London musician manages to combine tender longing and angelic breathiness in one fell swoop, before crescendo-ing to a belting chorus of nimble vocal runs and heart-felt … Continue reading Album review: ‘Saturn’ by Nao

The Joys of Jimothy Lacoste

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the one and only Jimothy Lacoste: a chino-wearing, self-confessed London Underground fan, whose signature dance moves and quirky wit have got the Internet buzzing. Lacoste, real name Timothy Gonzales, hails from North London and has become something of a legend in the DIY bedroom-music scene.  So far, his back catalogue comprises of five singles, each accompanied with humorous videos featuring … Continue reading The Joys of Jimothy Lacoste

Introducing: Amber Mark

Following the release of a beautiful new EP, Conexão, we thought it about time to introduce you to the cross-continental, intriguing sounds of Amber Mark. Brought up between India, the U.S., Germany, Brazil, and Nepal, Amber Mark’s foray into songwriting came about after the tragic death of her German artist mother, Mia, whose passing inspired the singer’s first EP, 3:33am. On ‘Monsoon’, one of the … Continue reading Introducing: Amber Mark

Paris: manger avec un petit budget

‘When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise’.  So said the writer Henry Miller in his book on the French capital, ‘Tropic of Cancer’.  Springtime in Paris is definitely special; as the flowers start to bloom, everyone flocks to sunbathe in le Jardin du Luxembourg or les Tuileries, high on the promise of summer and all the fun that … Continue reading Paris: manger avec un petit budget

Honey & Co: Restaurant Review

It was a grey and torrentially wet February day – not ideal conditions for trudging through the busy streets of London.  It was, however, the perfect setting for lunch at Honey & Co, a tiny, cosy and much lauded Middle Eastern restaurant, nestled away in the capital’s Fitsrovia district. Honey & Co was opened by Israeli-born couple Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich after many years … Continue reading Honey & Co: Restaurant Review