Introducing: Amber Mark

Following the release of a beautiful new EP, Conexão, we thought it about time to introduce you to the cross-continental, intriguing sounds of Amber Mark.

Brought up between India, the U.S., Germany, Brazil, and Nepal, Amber Mark’s foray into songwriting came about after the tragic death of her German artist mother, Mia, whose passing inspired the singer’s first EP, 3:33am.

On ‘Monsoon’, one of the tracks from 3:33am, vocal recordings of Mark’s German mother saying “I love you” intersect with the sound of Indian instruments, forming a bittersweet tribute to her mother’s favourite country and a raw glimpse into the unbearable pain of losing a parent.

On the new EP, Conexão, Amber Mark focuses in on romantic love – a theme she originally felt clichéd and was reluctant to write about when she first started writing and recording beats in her bedroom. “It feels so damn electric, the way we speak body language”, she sings, over Bossa Nova beats in homage to years spent in Brazil.  The EP also features an approved-cover of Sade’s ‘Love is Stronger Than Pride’ and triumphant single ‘Love Me Right’, showcasing Mark’s ability to weave between stripped-backed vocals and up-tempo production.

Amber Mark is a singer, songwriter and producer to be reckoned with;  whether singing about love or death, her soulful, effortless voice and exotic influences are always guaranteed.


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